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DEMONSTRATION | デモンストレーション

Since the late 1980s, The Netherlands has been a relatively quiet country when it comes to mass demonstrations against the government. However, this came to an end in 2019 when both farmers (protesting against nitrogen government policy) and so-called ‘corona wappies’ ‘(virus conspiracy theorists) demonstrating against COVID measures held large-scale demonstrations spread throughout the country. Not only in Amsterdam and The Hague but also in provincial cities such as Arnhem, demonstrations and skirmishes with the police took place. In addition to the farmers’ protests that continued until 2022, there are still regular large demonstrations against the housing policy, education policy, and environmental policy of the current government. A selection of images published between 2019 – 2022.  


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Since 2009, I have been photographing the commemorations surrounding the Battle of Arnhem, also known as the military operation Market Garden, which took place during World War II in September 1944. These commemorations have been documented for various media outlets within and outside of the Netherlands. The operation consisted of one of the largest military airborne landings that ever took place. The bridge between Arnhem North and Arnhem South played an important strategic role as one of the bridges over the major rivers and had to be captured by British and Polish soldiers during this operation. However, they were not successful, which is why this military defeat is also known as “A Bridge Too Far.” Every year, large commemorations take place in September, such as in Oosterbeek and at the landing locations between Ede and Renkum. In Arnhem, Operation Market Garden is commemorated at various locations, including on and around the John Frost Bridge, at the monument near the bridge, and in the Eusebius Church.


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