Corona Day

Happy King’s Day!

It’s Kings Day in The Netherlands…Normally the only day of the year that Dutch people wear something orange and another celebration excuse to get drunk. Of course this year it’s al different due to the corona virus. Also today people in the Netherlands (have to) stay mostly at home during this ‘intelligent lock down’ (it’s the most unique lock down format in the world) and enjoying their sweet oranje tompoes all alone. Happy King’s Day!

De Patatgeneratie (The French Fry generation)  

パタット(フレンチフライ)世代 – オランダで1970年と1985年の間に生まれた世代。


ラテルバンド ハップフック


De Patatgeneratie (The French Fry generation) – a Dutch generation born between 1970 and 1985. De Patatgeneratie grew up in prosperity and wealth. Known for that they didn’t have much to do – and got a lot (for free.) Doing your own thing was more important than doing something for others (or by other means, participating in society.)

Ratelband Haphoek

Ratelband Haphoek

This year it’s seventy years of fodder by the Ratelband family and that had to be celebrated. The only French fry corner still owned by Ratelband and one of the five most popular French fry corners in The Netherlands served free cone bags of ‘patat’ (French fries) on Sunday afternoon the 19th of January. Thousands of Arnhemmers went completely ‘Patatgeneratie’ by making use of this offer.